작성자 최고관리자

IGSC (Institute of Global Sustainability Certificate) is a representative of BeVeg International (BeVeg) in Korea. 

IGSC auditors are trained and competent to do the vegan certification under the BeVeg license. 

Our audit team is composed of qualified Global Gap and ISO 22000 auditors. 

BeVeg is an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification standard built in accordance with ISO/IEC 17067 as a conformity assessment program. 

BeVeg is the world's leading vegan certification company. 
As the first -- and only -- accredited vegan certification standard in the world, the BeVeg vegan standard is the benchmark for vegan quality control and assurance, giving you the confidence you need to access new capital markets and establish new business that meets vegan consumer expectations. 

BeVeg is recognized by the world accreditation community for its accredited vegan standard. 

The National Accreditation Center (NAC) accredited BeVeg as an ISO conformity assessment program. 

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that publishes international standards. 

BeVeg demands research, inspection, verification, animal DNA lab analysis, and global supply chain accountability that meets the set out published vegan standard. 

Protecting the consumer is the primary goal of BeVeg. Before BeVeg, vegan claims were made loosely and with zero accountability, as no defined controls were in place to ensure vegan quality assurance at the factory level. 
This is a problem for animal-allergen sufferers who may rely on an unreliable vegan claim. 
Plant-based claims can be made loosely because that means something is mostly plant-based, but vegan means without animal residue. 
A certified vegan claim by BeVeg is a claim trusted by consumers, as it is risk assessed at the root level to prevent and reduce the risk of animal contamination, which also protects the manufacturing facilities and brand owners from expensive product recalls. 

The BeVeg vegan certification global trademark stands for independent verification of quality and integrity. 
Products and services that carry the BeVeg vegan trademark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of vegan standards. 
The BeVeg vegan standard was drafted with consideration of GFSI benchmarks to ensure global food safety and quality measures are assured in BeVeg certified vegan claims, as many product recalls and known allergens are of animal origin (salmonella, E. Coli, listeria, etc.). 
In fact, the leading cause of product recalls is the presence of undeclared allergens, and common known allergens (lactose, shellfish, fish, eggs, milk, dairy) are of animal origin.

The BeVeg vegan standard brings unprecedented awareness, cleanliness, and safety to the market through factory controls, training, and skilled audits. 



BeVeg has a program and global trademark for vegan alcohol -- BevVeg. Many are unaware that wine, beer, and liquor are often made with and filtered through animal parts like fish bladder, gelatin (animal bones), egg whites, and more. Global laws do not require ingredient and process disclosure for alcoholic beverages. The BeVeg program for alcoholic beverages, BevVeg, is leading the market in establishing truth and transparency in your glass. 




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